lundi 27 mai 2013

Minis SBUX

Seattle's Best Coffee is making a bet on car-dependent commuters in Dallas-Fort Worth, opening 10 small stores around the metro area that combine drive-through and walk-up windows, while forgoing interior seating for patrons.

Previously, it had only one such store, in its hometown of Seattle. The shops, measuring 523 square feet each and staffed by up to five employees at a time, opened May 20 with the aim of appealing to north Texans who'd rather stay in their car when ordering their morning coffee or breakfast. The walk-up window is meant to provide an option for pedestrians who are shopping at stores near the locations, most of which have been placed close by large retailers.
Seattle's Best, a division of Starbucks since its 2003 acquisition by the coffee giant, now has around 75 retail stores following the DFW openings. The bulk of its existing units, primarily housed in office buildings, airports and shopping centers, are cafe-style with inside seating.

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